Almost all Ketelaars have their origin in either Oisterwijk or Nuenen. They are two towns in the present-day province of Noord Brabant. The family Ketelaars that hails from Oisterwijk has been wel researched by W. de Bakker in the article "Ketelaers alias Den Steenbecker" that appeared in the periodical "De Brabantse Leeuw, July-August 1981. It seems no one has looked at the other group of Ketelaars, with just as many living descendants, "Ketelaers alias Van Nuenen". As a Canadian I am limited by what can be found on the Internet and by research done by others that has come my way.
I could not classify five couples listed in, living at around 1800, as belonging to either group. They are: Hendrik Ketelaars and Petronella Ameis from Geldrop, Johannes Cornelis Ketelaars and Catharina Verhagen from Tilburg, Johannes Ketelaars and Maria Plompen from Ossendrecht, Johannes Ketelaars and Johanna Reijnders from Valkenswaard, and Laurens Ketelaars and Maria Kessels from Heijthuijsen. Are they too related to one of these groups?

  This is the ancestry chart for the children of Laurentius Ketelaars and Cornelia Willems.

  This is the ancestry chart for the children of Jacobus Halsema and Catharina Johanna Amsing.

  The Children of Lauran Ketelaars are descended from Charlemagne. (This series is based on reeks 55 which may be found at

  The Children of Nellie Willems are descended from a family of the present province of Zeeland, The Schengens. They named themselves afer the river Schenghe (now disappeared) on the island Zuid Beveland (now part of the mainland). Their castle at s-Heer Arentskerke was destroyed during the 80 year war by Spain (end 16th century)

John Ketelaars
London, Ontario