Eisse Freerks Halsema (1729)

Eisse Freerks Halsema was baptized in Den Hoorn on 6 Sep 1729. He was the son of Freerk Boelens and Trijntje Halsema. Eisse moved to Lellens.

Petronella Jans Alger married Eisse on 3 Jun 1755 in Lellens.
Trijntje Eisses Halsema was baptized in Appingendam on 25 Feb 1759 and died in Hornhuizen on 27 Jan 1807. She marries Renje Freerks Feddema and has several children.
Maria Eisses Halsema was baptized in Appingendam on about 1760. She married Bernt Hendriks Muller and has at least four children, all baptized in Den Hoorn: Hendrik (23 Dec 1787), Eisse (29 Jan 1789), Hendrik (30 Sep 1790) and Freerk (18 Jun 1792)

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