Nicolaas Halsema (1848-1904)

Nicolaas Halsema was born in Texel on 11 Mar 1848. He immigrated to Lafayette. In St. Joseph, MN. he married Helena on 9 Nov 1881. He died in Lafayette, IN., on 26 Dec 1904
Magdalena "Helena" Mugg was born in St. Joseph, MN. in 1857 and died on 6 May 1940.

Katherine Halsema was born on 20 Aug 1882 and died 29 Mar 1937. She married Joseph Hughes on 23 Feb 1909. No children are known.
Lambert Halsema was born on 13 Sep 1883 and died on the same day.
Cornelia (Nelly) Halsema was born on 26 Mar 1886 and died in lafayette, IN. on 10 Oct 1939. On 4 Aug 1915 she married Albert Mahlke who died shortly thereafter, on 22 Nov 1915. On 6 Apr 1926 she married Clarence J. Taylor, who was born on 27 Mar 1885. No children are known.
Peter Halsema was born in Mar 1888. On 15 Jan 1917 he married Lavina Kauffman Coffel in Lafayette. They had six children.
Elizabeth Halsema was born in St. Augusta, Minnesota, 30 Aug 1889 and died in Lafayette 21 Apr 1956. She married Anthony B. Batta and had 13 children
Johanna (Hanna) Halsema, Elizabeth's twin, was born born in St. Augusta, Minnesota, 30 Aug 1889. she died in Lafayette, IN. on 14 aug 1915
Lena K. Halsema was born in Lafayette, IN. in Feb 1892 and died there 9 Jul 1955.

  • This information comes courtesy Martha Halsema Donnelly of Rensselaer, Indiana and Beverly S. Proulx of North Branch Minnesota.
  • Please contact John Ketelaars, for corrections or additions.

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