Renje Freerks Halsema (abt. 1695)

Renje Freerks Halsema was born in Kloosterburen abt 1695, son of Freerk Boelens and Jemme Halsema. He died before 1755. He was a farmer on Dijksterweg 22, Kloosterburen. On 13 Sep 1722 he married Geeske Rempts.
Geeske Rempt was the daughter of Rempt Pieters and Martje Freerks. Renje Freerks and Geeske Rempt had five children who survived childhood. Geeske died before 1740.

Fenje Jacobs was baptized about 1715. She married Renje Freerks Halsema on 10 Dec 1740 in Den Hoorn and converted to Catholicism. Renje and Fenje had three more children.
Freerk Renjes Feddema was baptised in Kloosterburen on 10 Nov 1722 and died there in 1786. Freerk married three times: He married Aeltjen Berns in 1747, Rienje Tonnis in 1764 and Gepke Harms in 1771.
Reintje Rentjes was baptized 22 Mar 1726. She married Bernt Egberts on 5 May 1759 and had several children: Egbert in 1760, Renje in 1762 and another Egbert in 1765.
Schelte Renjes was baptized on 5 Oct 1727 in Hoornhuizen. He married Anje Luurts on 15 Jun 1765 in Den Hoorn and died on 11 Jan 1812 in Kloosterburen. Schelte and Anje had at least seven children.
Rempt Renjes was baptized 16 Apr 1730. He married Aeltje Harms in 1755 and Grietje Yddes before 1759
Jelle Renjes was baptized 14 Sep 1732. He married Anje Berns in 1756 and had at least four children.
Jacob Renjes, the oldest son of Fenje Jacobs, was baptized 26 Sep 1741 in Den Hoorn. He married Hile Jans and had at least five children.
Willem Renjes was baptized 30 Aug 1743 in Den Hoorn. he married Trijntje Jacobs on 28 Apr 1771 and had at least four children.
Maria Renjes was baptized on 23 Aug 1745 in Den Hoorn, Gr.

From the following sources:
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        other sources available through the Digitale Bronbewerkingen (Groningen)
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