Renje Scheltes Halsema (abt. 1660)

Renje Scheltes Halsema was born in Kloosterburen and married Frouke Freerks in 1694. The were farmers at Feddemaheert. In 1722 he also took over farming his niece Trijntje Jacobs' farm.

Frouke Freerks was the widow of Willem Luurt Boelens. She was with Willem Luurts parents of the Freerk Boelens, who married Renje's sister Trijntje.

Willem Renjes Feddema was born in Kloosterburen abt. 1704 and married Bouke Reinders on 4 jan 1728 in Kloosterburen. He died before 1744.

Anna Renjes was born in Kloosterburen and is a godmother to most of Willem's children. There is no record of her marriage. She either remained single or moved out of the area.

From the following sources:
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