Grietje Freerks

Grietje Freerks Boelens was the daughter of Freerk NN & Jemme Halsema. She married Lubbert Freerks on 14 Apr 1727 in Kloosterburen.

Lubbert Freerks probably was the son of Freerk and Grietje, and was born in Wehe.

Aeltje Lubberts was born in Den Hoorn in 1728. At age 16 she married Bernt Jans on 4 May 1744. She was 7 months pregnant with Jan, who was born on 25 Jun 1744. They had several more children: Anna (1747), Aeltje (1750), Grietje (1752), The twins Harm and Maria (1755), Maria (1758), Geert (1759) and Trijntje (1762).
Grietje Lubberts was baptized in Den Hoorn on 25 Aug 1729.
Jemme Lubberts was baptized in Den Hoorn on 20 Apr 1731.She married Pieter Jans there on 5 Feb 1752. They have 10 children: Anna Maria (1753), Grietje (1755), Anna (1757), Jan (1759), (Hendrika (1761), Trijntje (1763), Maria (1767), and Hendrik (1770) They lived and farmed in Zuurdijk. Jemme dieda after 1797.
Trijntje Lubberts was baptized in Den Hoorn on 8 Dec 1733. She married Geert Jans Vierkamp on 21 Nov 1756 and had 11 children: Jan (17558), Cunera (1758), Lubbert (1761), Jan (1763), Grietje (1765), Willem 1767), Freerk (1769) and Derk (1774). On 13 Jan 1777 Trijntje married Geert Meyer, but does have no more children. She died after 1803.
Anna Lubberts was baptized in Den Hoorn on 21 Oct 1735. She probably died young.
Anna Lubberts was baptized in Den Hoorn on 29 Sep 1737 and married Three times. She lived in Kloosterburen while being married to Pieter Jansen, with whom she had two chidren: Jan (1769) and Trijntje (1770). On 26 Nov 1799 she married her third husband: Geert Eikers.

From the following sources:
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