Cornelius Halsema (1836-1914)

Cornelius Halsema was born in Texel, 2 Nov 1836 and died in Lafayette, IN, 21 Jun 1914. He married Petronella Smits in Texel in 1862. He moved with his family to theUSA on Aug 13, 1869.
Petronella Smits was born in Texel, 18 Jun 1840 and died in Lafayette, a few months after her husband, on 16 Sep 1914. Both are buried at St Boniface Cemetery, Lafayette, Ind.

Lambertus B. Halsema was born in Texel, 13 Sep 1862 and died in Indianapolis, Ind, 2 Mar 1941. He married Geneva E. Halsema in Lafayette, 16 Oct 1889 and had 8 living children. Their first two children, twins, were still born.
Pieter Halsmer was born in Texel, 10 Jan 1864 and died in Lafayette, 7 Jul 1921. He married Erma Eva Dravis. on 30 Apr 1889. His family changed their name to HALSMER, although on his gravesite in St. Boniface Cemetery, Lafayette, he goes by his original surname.
Johannes (John) Halsema was born in Texel, 30 Sep 1868 and died in Logansport, Ind, 15 Aug 1952. He married Anna Maehlman in Lafayette 8 Jan 1896.
Anna Halsema was born in Lafayette, Ind., 3 Oct 1870 and died there two years later.
Nellie Halsema was born in Lafayette, Ind., 15 Sep 1872 and died in Lafayette, Ind., 13 Jan 1948. She married Theodore (Mathias) Smit there on 24 Apr 1895.
Herman H. Halsema was born in Lafayette, Ind., 18 Mar 1876 and married Kathrine Zink there on 30 Jan 1901. The couple was killed in a car accident on 10 Dec 1950.
No details are known about Griffin Halsema.

This information comes courtesy of Martha Halsema Donnelly of Rensselaer, Indiana
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